What are your fees?

SF provides optional administrative services for which a fee will be charged (The Fee Schedule will be provided to Investees on request and with or as part of the Investee Engagement Agreement should the Investee meet the criteria to be accepted for a fund raising Campaign). The administrative services provided include:

i) Administrative support provided by SF, including the completion of the issue of shares in an Investee following the successful fundraising campaign, EIS or SEIS filing and SH01 filing, if applicable.

ii) Corporate services (shareholder and company checks etc.), the fee depends on the time and the complexity involved, if they are deemed necessary for a successful Campaign on the Platform.

iii) The production of video presentations, which are seen as an essential part of a successful Campaign on the Platform; the fee will depend on the time and complexity of the video.

iv) The Investee acknowledges that ancillary charges or fees, including legal fees, may be payable to third parties in connection with the investment, and acknowledges that such charges or fees are disassociated with these terms. There may also be additional fees for work on the Business Summaries, Information Memorandums and financial projections & forecasts work, carried out by SF upon request from Investee, as part of the corporate services mentioned above.

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